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No Goodbyes is released in North America  by Tarcher, an imprint of Penguin Books

and is available in bookstores and online via major outlets for hard copy sale or downloading.


The media response has been very positive and Barry has made many radio appearances.

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Grady Harp from 

‘When you have solved all the mysteries of life you long for death, for it is but another mystery of life’ – Kahlil Gibran, August 4, 2015  This review is from: No Goodbyes: Life-Changing Insights from the Other Side (Paperback) Australian author Barry Eaton is a mainstream journalist and broadcast and is well known for his Internet radio show ‘Radio Out There’.

He is a psychic and has a strong following in Australia and around the world following the publication of his first book AFTERLIFE.

Barry addresses the near death experience and how this is substantial documentation for the spirit world. But his book only touches lightly on that as he has covered that arena in his prior books. NO GOODBYES offers new information from spirits living in the advanced stages of life after death, who believe that the time has come to let people know the answers to mysteries that have perplexed us for generations.

Barry uses his inimitable warmth and humor to discuss destiny and free will, world unrest, the spiritual effects of negativity, the true roots of an addictive personality, consulting with mediums and psychics, past-life regression therapy, insights into the bigger picture and more.

He encourages us to delve deeper into the mysteries of the spirit realm and life between lives—and discover how they can and do influence our current lives on earth. Even for skeptics this book will open thoughts and eyes and minds that there simply are no Goodbyes – that the life beyond this one is a continuous dimension populated with those who have gone before us and communicate with us today if we simply allow that to happen. An amazing, fascinating and enriching read. Grady Harp, August 15


Review of Barry Eaton’s New Book No Goodbyes  – No Goodbyes: Life-Changing Insights from the Other Side

Publisher: Tarcher

Review by Mary Nale  Attune Magazine

Delve deeper into the mysteries of the spirit realm and life between lives—and discover how they can and do influence our current lives on earth.

Barry Eaton, author of Tarcher’s Afterlife, is back with more fascinating insights into life after death. In No Goodbyes, Barry reveals information about destiny and free will, world unrest, the effects of negativity and addiction, dealing with skeptics, soul energy guidance, consulting mediums and psychics, soul growth, and other facets of the bigger picture. This book offers new information from advanced spirits in the afterlife who believe that the time has come to let people know the answers to mysteries that have puzzled them for generations.

How many of us have questions about what it’s like on the other side?  Mediums are sought after by people who just want to be sure a loved one is okay, or happy or even more importantly, are they at peace.  I’ve read quite a few books that discuss this topic but none have been as thought provoking as No Goodbyes.  Barry Eaton’s first book Afterlife is taken to new levels in this second book and even if you haven’t read the first book you will be able to enjoy this one.

There are five parts to No Goodbyes – 55 chapters for a total of 303 pages.  I especially loved the flow of this book that deals with complex topics in an easy to relate style.  Some of my favorite parts deal with mental health in the afterlife, suicide and the idea that there are discussion groups sharing ideas on the other side.  I was intrigued by the mediumship skills and by the straight forward answers given by the guides.  It didn’t take me long to realize that Barry Eaton thought about what he wanted to ask in his sessions and how well organized a session with a Medium can be.

I recommend this book to all who have an interest in what really happens when we die and the processes we go through on the other side.  This book also talks of Soul Groups, Karma and Reincarnation – and will give you much to think about for a long time.

If you are interested in reading an excerpt from No Goodbyes you can find that here on Barry Eaton’s Web Page 

Use this link to order this book from Amazon


This review from The Friday Afterlife Report by Victor & Wendy Zammit 

BARRY EATON’S ‘NO GOODBYES’ RELEASED IN THE USA Congratulations to well known Australian radio and TV presenter and host on online radio program Radio Out There, Barry Eaton, on the publication of his new book “No Goodbyes: Insights from the Heaven World.”

A medium himself, Barry says he also used the services of a very spiritual trance medium to access an advanced group of spirits who provided a wide range of information. The book is very conversational, easy to read and deals with many fascinating topics about both the afterlife and life in the physical in 54 very short chapters.



Barry was a guest on Coast to Coast 

The complete interview is available for subscribers to Coast to Coast in the program archives….here is a brief excerpt just to whet your appetite.


Barry’s TV interview was with Sher Safran on the Share Wisdom Network and

here is the link…

Barry also appeared on Lightworker TV in November/December – here is a link to the interview”         OR      (Segment 3)


Barry has made several radio appearances to talk about “No Goodbyes”.

He appeared on Melinda Carver’s popular program “Positive Perspectives”–insights-from-the-other-side

Here are a couple of other podcasts you may care to listen to…..

The Zone Show with Tom Evans…


Spirit Pig with Duncan CJ!Ep-41-Barry-Eaton/c1aod/55c46af10cf26ee108810860


Cosmic Truth with Janine Regan-Sinclair

Veronica Faisant The Week Starts Here KPFA Berkley CA Sunday 16th August (includes questions from callers)


Strategies for Living   with David McMillan


Bringing Inspiration to Earth with Robert Sharpe



As more live appearances are confirmed details will appear here.


In Western Australia Barry was interviewed by Pat Harding for his Morning Radio Program on Great Southern Radio 1411 – The interview was played n two parts and here now is part One…



Some Australian Print Review March/ April 2014

No Goodbyes. Insights from the Heaven World
Written by Janet Mawdesley
Blue Wolf Reviews

When Barry Eaton writes it is very definitely worth the read and in No Goodbyes he elaborates further on the information he shared in his first book ’Afterlife’.

He has divided this book up into specific areas that relate directly to what comes next and what does happen once you leave this very ‘mortal coil’ through the medium of some very powerful, insightful and enjoyable characters who have definitely left us and are now enjoying their time of sharing the next step.

Freewill and destiny, topics often disused in today’s world, are presented in entirety giving room for some considerable thought and soul searching on how we choose to live our lives.

Obviously sent from a considerably high spiritual place the information detailed on just about any or every area you may be curious about is gently delivered but none the less still extremely powerful in its content.

There is considerable content on former lives, his, his current partner and former partner Judy, the lady who has been the inspiration behind both books, and how the synchronicity of these former lives have played out in current times.

Areas that have been openly discussed are amongst some of the ‘sacred cows’ of modern life such as euthanasia, suicide, prison reform, mental health and even TV on the other side.

Why TV on the other side you may ask? Well it would seem spirits also like to keep up with world events, especially political ones and often use their telepathic ability to help with positive influences. Perhaps you need to read the chapter to get the full understanding of this information, but once you do, it reassures you everything is possible.

Definitely well worth the read, you will find that certain subjects and topic will keep reoccurring in your mind, allowing you to puzzle your way through to an better understanding on areas you may have always wondered about, needed more information on or further clarification.

As with all books of this ilk, what you need will be given, what you understand will be your journey.


No Goodbyes: Barry Eaton on overcoming our fear of death 

Posted by Walter Mason on Friday, 21 March 2014

Lately I have been absorbing the wisdom of Barry Eaton, one of Australia’s most acclaimed (though low-key) psychic intuitive and the author of two exceptional books, Afterlife (which has  been released in America by Tarcher) and the brand new No Goodbyes.

As well as reading his exceptional books I have been to hear him speak and have been taking careful notes on what he says. Barry is a wonderful speaker, as you would expect from someone who was once an ABC television journalist, a radio DJ and these days the producer and presenter of a wonderfully kooky on-line radio show called Radio Out There (hear me on a recent episode here).

Barry says he writes from a truly inspired perspective – that is the words are coming into him directly from spirit. He is in touch with a number of spirit guides who exist on another, non-material, plane, and it is their wisdom he imparts in his writing. The main message they want to get across to this world, and the reason why they press Barry so much to write, is that they want us all to realise that we have nothing to fear when it comes to death. We are all eternal spiritual beings, and this short life on earth is another run-through in a never-ending cycle of births.

So please see below my own interpretation of Barry’s wisdom, gleaned from his books and talks, about how we can overcome our fear of death:

1. Know that wherever we are we are surrounded by souls – at his talk at Heavenly Energies in Willoughby (an exquisite place, btw) Barry reminded the audience that we were surrounded by souls and that we always are. This should be a great comfort. American psychic Sonia Choquette says that at all times we have access to no less than 32 different spirit guides, all of them willing and waiting to help us. They represent the place we come from and to where we will ultimately return.

2. Before retiring at night, ask yourself the questions that you need answers to – sleep is a return to a semblance of our spiritual existence, and if we bring our problems and issues int o our sleep states we can often be rewarded with answers that come in the form of vivid dreams or clear realisations soon after wakening. Learn to sleep on it.

4. Develop your soul – read books, pray and meditate, go to classes, lectures and workshops. Actively endeavour to develop your spiritual understanding in whatever way feels right for you and always be learning. In doing this we fulfil our purpose for this earthly existence. We are all here to develop and to learn new lessons. Don’t neglect this precious opportunity.

5. Contemplate the ocean – for Barry the ocean emerged as the ultimate metaphor for existence. God, he realised, is not an old guy in the sky, but a vast, rolling ocean of consciousness of which each of us is a tiny drop. Watch the ocean and consider its immensity. And know that you are an intrinsic part of it. This fits in perfectly with something I read recently by Henriette Klauser in Write it Down, Make it Happen – one of my favourite books. The ocean, she says, is the perfect partner in our creative endeavours. It calms us, inspires us and lulls us into optimal creative states.

6. Get Quiet – I am always shocked by how many people say they have no idea what their life purpose is. This, says Barry, is because we don’t spend enough time being quiet and spending time with ourselves. By meditating and learning to be comfortable in our own skins we open ourselves up to the messages from our souls as to our real purpose in this existence. Barry recommends Australian meditation teacher Paul Wilson’s book The Quiet. Ken Mcleod, writing in Tricycle magazine in 2010, speaks so beautifully of how alien the habit of silence is to us: “Space surrounded and permeated my experience, but I had been unable to relate to it. I had been completely caught up in trying to control my experience.”

7. Resolve the big issues on your life now – Barry says that souls return to Earth again and again, always learning and developing but frequently avoiding the really big lessons that sent us here in the first place. I think you probably know what the really big issue is in your life, the one that keeps popping up again and again, that keeps dragging you back to unhappiness. Stop pushing it under the carpet. Face it head on and see what you can do to change or improve it. Don’t waste another life.

8. Take responsibility – there is no magic pill that will resolve all the problems in this existence. And there is a limit to how much we can blame others, no matter how cruel the circumstances into which we were born. Ultimately the only way out is to take responsibility for our own journey. You really should grab copies of Barry’s two books Afterlife and No Goodbyes.

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