Psychic intuitive and author of Afterlife


Why did you decide to write a follow-up book to “afterlife?”

The decision was taken out of my hands. I thought that I had finished writing about this subject, but my contacts in the world of spirit had other ideas. I received some very strong messages that my work had really just begun.

There is a concerted drive by the powers-that-be in the afterlife to get as much information about life continuing beyond what we call death to as many people as possible. I was also told that I am one of many messengers all over the world – just in case I got a swelled head I guess!

Can you tell us more about these spirit contacts?

I originally connected with John Dingwall, a former Australian screenwriter and film producer, who gave me his story from the other side. When I spoke to John after the book was published via a trance medium, he told me that we had a lot more work to do.

At first I thought I was only connecting with John, but later found that he is actually a spokesman for a large group. Some of the people in the group gradually revealed themselves as the story of “No Goodbyes” unfolded and I received quite a few shocks when I discovered their identities.

What new areas does “No Goodbyes” cover?

I am able to go much deeper into some of the mysteries of life, both in the world of spirit and here on earth. As I revealed in “Afterlife” we are all spiritual energies having a human experience, and once each life is completed we return to our real home. The real reason for our earthly life is to have as many experiences as possible so that our soul can develop. This means we all make lots of mistakes along the way.

Everything we say and do affects our soul experience, so we need to take responsibility for this. Topics such as destiny and free will, the effects of negativity and addictions, world unrest, even consulting psychics and mediums are discussed.  We are all part of the Tapestry of Life, and responsible for our own weaving. There are also a few controversial subjects that they wanted included such as homosexuality, euthanasia and prison reform.

Where did you get further information about the afterlife for your new book?

From a number of sources. Working with a trance medium I was able to access an advanced group of spirits who provided a wide range of information via John Dingwall, their spokesman in the afterlife. At first I thought John was the font of all knowledge about the afterlife and beyond, but I soon discovered he was actually channelling a large group for their collective wisdom.

I also worked with three very talented mediums who contacted my late partner Judy in the world of spirit. Judy was the inspiration for writing afterlife” and has now advanced to a higher plane in the afterlife. Her story captured the hearts of many readers of afterlife” and I know they will be keen to hear how her journey is unfolding.

Can you really talk to dead people?

No, I don’t talk to dead people… I communicate with live people in spirit. In Afterlife I explained how we never really die or disappear. It helps to think of ourselves as a spiritual being with a human body and not the other way around.

What Other New Topics do you write about in “No Goodbyes”?

John Dingwall’s group introduced many topics they wished to raise, some universal, others very down to earth, even controversial. The subject of life contracts, including destiny and free will revealed a lot about what we experience in each of our earthly lives. Other fascinating subjects include the puzzling question of time, soul energy guidance during our life on earth, TV in the afterlife, sport in the heaven world, and more.

The group also wished to speak out on certain controversial topics including the effects of negativity and addictions on spirits returning to the afterlife, genetic modification, euthanasia, world chaos and psychics and mediums.

How would you describe the afterlife?

On talking with a whole variety of people about their experiences or research I find that descriptions of the afterlife do vary depending on which area they went to after leaving their body. Just as on earth where there are many different areas and living conditions, the same applies to the afterlife.

Your personal conditions depend on what level you have attained in your immediate past lives as well as other incarnations. If you have helped others and led a purposeful and loving life you will find yourself on a different plane to murderers, terrorists and drug dealers. We all have to accept responsibility for our actions, and even those whose lives haven’t been ideal are treated and helped to advance with love, as this is the greatest force in the universe.

Fortunately there is no such place as hell, but there are levels where people who have created hurt and misery during their lifetime are located and then helped in a loving and positive way to progress.

Those who have lived good fruitful lives do talk in terms of a paradise of sorts. The weather is sublime, people are loving and supportive. We are able to create our own ‘houses’ through the power of thought in the afterlife. There are all kinds of cultural, sporting and entertainment activities available and we meet up with lots of people from our past. There is even a kind of sexual enjoyment we can experience.

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