Psychic intuitive and author of Afterlife


Barry Eaton’s Fascinating Book “Afterlife”When Barry Eaton’s book “Afterlife – Uncovering the Secrets of Life After Death” was published in 2011 Barry thought he had completed his writings about the afterlife. Visit The Site.

However, there is a lot more to that story than at first appeared – it seems Barry was only just getting started.  Spirit sent further strong messages.

Master guide M returned to inspire him, opening new vistas, encouraging him to venture into unexplored realms.  And so “No Goodbyes” was conceived.

“No Goodbyes” takes up where  ”Afterlife” left off, delving deeper into the mysteries of the spirit world and life between lives, and how they can influence our current life on earth.

Barry reveals information direct from Spirit about subjects like Destiny and Free Will, The Tapestry of Life, World Unrest, the Effects of Negativity and Addictions, Dealing with Sceptics, Soul Energy Guidance, Consulting Mediums and Psychics, Soul Growth and many other facets of the bigger picture.

His late partner Judy offers amazing new insights about reincarnation, how new souls are created and a lot more, including some personal stories that had a big impact on Barry.